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Attorney Lawrence DiGiovanna

About Me

Lawrence F. DiGiovanna concentrates his practice on real estate, cooperative and condominium law matters and related litigation. He is a past president of the Brooklyn Bar Association (2005-06) and the Bay Ridge Lawyers Association (1988-89). The Appellate Division appointed him Chair of its Grievance Committee (2002-06) and a member of its Character & Fitness Committee (2008-). He serves on several not-for-profit boards.
I am Licensed to Practice in:
New Yorksince 1977

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This Attorney is Rated in the Following Practice Areas:
Real Property Law in 2018
  • Verified Experience
  • Peer Recommended
  • Spotless Record

Practice Highlights

Received the Following Awards
Thomas More Award of the Catholic Lawyers Guild of Brooklyn
Brooklyn Bar Assn. Outstanding Achievement in Jurisprudence

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