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Nathan Spencer started his law career in 1992 with the simple goal of helping people. Over the years of trying cases, both by jury and bench trials, his small town values have remained intact and his main goal is still to help people with their legal matters. He has served on various boards in the Tennessee Bar Association as well as the local Haywood County Bar and the Jackson-Madison County Bar. He studied law in America as well as the University of London and the University of Exeter in England and has experience in over 75 court systems in Tennessee and Kentucky.“My job is to help people. I’ve represented doctors, lawyers, corporations, mothers, grandmothers, unemployed persons, teachers, and just about every other type of person you can think of. My goal is always the same, maximize what I can do for that person.”
I am Licensed to Practice in:
Tennesseesince 1992
Kentuckysince 2005
My Education
University of MemphisBA - 1989
University of Arkansas-LRJD - 1992

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Criminal Law - State Level Crimes since 2015
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