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I am dedicated to DEFENDING YOU (not just pleading you guilty) when you are charged with DWI. Some DWI attorneys may be too quick to advise you to plead. THAT IS NOT ME! You deserve an attorney who will review your police report with a fine tooth comb and watch every second of your arrest and booking videos. You deserve an attorney who will look for every mistake and legal violation made by the police when they arrested you. You deserve an attorney who will use those mistakes and violations to aggressively defend you. THAT IS ME! I do everything I can to WIN YOUR CASE. When I represent you, I have three goals: (1) protect your license from suspension or revocation; (2) win your criminal case either at trial or by pleading to reduced charges; and (3) keep the DWI off your record. Even if you ultimately decide to plead guilty, as a result of my aggressive representation, you should be able to do so from a position of strength and that may get you a better deal.
I am Licensed to Practice in:
Missouri Barsince 1997
My Education
St. Louis University School of LawJD - 1997
University of Missouri at St. LouisMBA - 1989
University of Missouri at RollaBS - 1974
My Memberships
American Bar Association
Missouri Bar Association
Bar Association of St. Louis
National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys

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