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Attorney Taos Smith

About Me

Whether you are charged with a minor Municipal Court charge or a serious Felony crime in District Court, you need an attorney who will take your case seriously. Being charged with a DUI, a Marijuana or Drug Possession crime, or even a violent crime can be the most stressful time of your life. You need a criminal defense attorney who has a record of getting reduced charges, reduced sentences, not guilty verdicts at trial, and even complete dismissals of criminal charges. Taos C. Smith is that attorney with a proven track record. The best criminal defense attorneys are not afraid to take a case to trial and neither am I.
I am Licensed to Practice in:
Oklahomasince 2011
My Education
University of OklahomaJ.D. - 2011
My Memberships
Cleveland County Bar Association
Oklahoma Bar Association
Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

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This Attorney is Rated in the Following Practice Areas:
Criminal Law - State Level Crimes since 2014
  • Verified Experience
  • Peer Recommended
  • Spotless Record

Practice Highlights

Representative Verdicts & Settlements
Not Guilty--Kidnapping, Assault with a Dangerous
Not Guilty--Kidnapping, Domestic Assault with a Dangerous
Not Guilty--Tampering With a Vehicle x 2
Dismissed--Possession of CDS w/in 1000 ft of School
Dismissed--Possession of CDS
Amended from Felony to Misdemeanor Possession CDS
Received the Following Awards
Kelly Beardslee Award for Outstanding Criminal Defense

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