Attorney Information

The Lead Counsel Verification was developed in 1997 in order to provide a simple and reliable tool consumers and businesses can use to evaluate an attorney's ability and credibility. Many Lead Counsel Verified attorneys hold official positions in renowned legal organizations and occupy positions on established professional boards. Additionally, many have won awards, authored articles and books, been recognized by their Bar Associations, and have played, and continue to play, important roles in their communities.

In order to earn the Lead Counsel Verification, an attorney must not only demonstrate significant legal experience, but must also receive multiple peer recommendations advocating his or her ability. This is a key component in the screening process.

The Lead Counsel Review Board rates every prospective attorney's application. Additionally, we contact every applicant's state bar to make sure the applicant has never been disciplined for unethical behavior.

The Lead Counsel Verification process is taken seriously and relies on attorney applicants and attorney peers to do the same. Furthermore, all verified attorneys must pledge to the following client commitment declaration:

Lead Counsel Client Commitment Declaration